Major esport Partnership Launches ‘Monaco Gaming Show’. Set to Become Europe’s leading esport Event

Major esport Partnership Launches ‘Monaco Gaming Show’. Set to Become Europe’s leading esport Event

The Monaco Esports Fédération, Monaco eSports and Nicecactus are partnering to launch an annual esport event on the international scene; the Monaco Gaming Show

Nicecactus, in association with the Monaco Esports Federation (MeSF) and its affiliate, Monaco eSports Society, have teamed up to organize a major annual esport event, the Monaco Gaming Show. The 100% international esports event will be a global extravaganza featuring the best esports competitors in the world competing on two major games: Rocket League and Fortnite.

The Monaco Gaming Show will establish Europe’s first major competitive event featuring amateur, semi-professional and professional players in a unique competitive environment. This exciting and exceptional event will also host influencers and top notch esports celebrities, industry leaders and esport partners.

Louis Ducruet, President of Monaco Esports Federation states, “Our objective with the Monaco Gaming Show is to produce a pure esport event that can grow exponentially every year and establish the Principality of Monaco at the top of the esports scene. Monaco is recognized as a major sporting venue, and esports are no exception. But we also want this project to support the development and success of young Monegasque and international esport talents and help them become tomorrow’s esports superstars. Our partnership with Nicecactus will help this objective become a reality.” 

Nicecactus, Europe’s leading esport platform offers its fast growing 1.6 million registered users, world class training, international tournaments and community-based features designed to help members fully realize their potential in gaming. Nicecactus’s unique ‘all-in-one’ platform will serve as the event engine for the Monaco Gaming Show

On the 19th of December 2020, a “warm-up” event will officially launch the Monaco Gaming Show in the Principality. 

Mike Hessabi, Nicecactus CEO says; “We share a common goal with the Monaco Esports Federation, through our will to develop the champions of tomorrow – #WhereChampionsAreBorn. The synergy of this partnership is clear for us, by teaming up with the Federation and the Monaco eSports Society, we are able to deliver a global event that will be spectacular, and with a worldwide dimension.” 

Competitors at the Monaco Gaming Show will have the opportunity to win 40,000€ in cash prizes (20,000€ on Fortnite and 20,000€ on Rocket League). Additionally, the event will allow amateur players to face some of the leading players in the world and get recognition for their passion and efforts.

Louis Ducruet, President of Monaco Esports Federation (left) and Mike Hessabi, Nicecactus CEO (right)